Find a Variety of Spa Essentials at Massage Warehouse

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Although massage therapy is rapidly becoming an important part of a comprehensive health and wellness regimen, many clients still consider it a luxurious treat, something to splurge on when they’re in the mood for a bit of pampering. For this reason, no matter how good the massage therapy session, a large part of a client’s perception of the experience stems from the small amenities that go along with it.

By providing simple luxuries like plush spa robes and wraps, slippers and heated towels, along with cool water and complimentary beverages, a massage therapist can raise his or her practice up a notch in the client’s perception from a simple massage to a luxury spa treatment. A wide variety of luxury spa essentials can be found at Massage Warehouse to enhance any massage therapy practice.

Spa Robes and Wraps
Massage Warehouse offers a variety of robes and apparel to keep clients warm and comfortable before and after their massage session, from spa robes and wraps to disposable bras, panties and boxers. Robes and wraps ease the transition from locker room to treatment room, while disposable undergarments allow clients to maintain a degree of modesty without the risk of staining expensive undergarments with massage oils or lotions.

Robes and wraps come in a wide variety of fabrics and textures, ranging from waffle weave to microfiber, luxury hotel velour and 100% bamboo fiber. Slippers are available in disposable varieties as well as sanitizable, reusable styles, to keep clients safe while adding a luxury spa touch in order to enhance the overall experience.

Combine Massage with a Foot Soak
A fantastic way to augment the experience of a chair massage is by adding a luxurious foot soak, complete with heat, massage, bubbles and vibration to treat the client’s feet while massaging their neck and shoulders. Massage Warehouse offers a variety of different footbaths, tubs and liners, including the much-touted Ion Detox Foot Spa, along with a number of soaks, scrubs and creams for foot massages and treatments.

Professional jackets, aprons and scrubs allow massage therapists to protect their own clothing from getting splashed with massage oils, while maintaining a professional and clinical appearance. Massage Warehouse offers a number of different styles and colors in their apparel section.

Extensive Online Catalog
For the massage therapist who is just starting out as well as the experienced professional who is interested in upgrading their practice by adding new techniques and luxury spa touches, Massage Warehouse is a veritable one-stop shop. Here, therapists can find a wide variety of equipment, supplies and even continuing education materials to sustain and enhance any massage therapy practice.

From training DVDs to portable and stationary massage tables, sterilization supplies, massage lotions, creams, oils and gels, Massage Warehouse has anything and everything to meet the needs of massage therapists, aestheticians, chiropractors and spa professionals of all kinds. Anything in their online catalog can be shipped anywhere in the United States and virtually anywhere around the world. Upgrade from a massage to a luxury massage with just a few thoughtful touches, using spa essentials available from Massage Warehouse.

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