Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Helps Improve Health Care

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What is information and communication technology?
Information and communication technology is a very broad terms. It refers to various gadgets that aid in communication such as mobile phones, radios and satellite communication. The term is also used to refer to various means of direct communication such as video conferencing. In short, information and communication technology, better known in its abbreviated form as ICT, is a tool that helps in improving communication among businesses and commerce activities in different parts of the world. In fact, ICT is so commonly used in commerce field to communicate various financial matters such as acceptance of money, producing receipts and transferring funds that ICT and ecommerce have become almost synonymous terms. ICT creates inroads for better accessibility of all sorts of information for people from all over the world.

However, the scope of ICT extends much beyond commerce transactions. It is widely used in education and medical arenas as well. Advanced medical care techniques, various researches being carried out in medical field in different parts of the world and training are just some of the fields in the medical arena that have largely benefited from the growth of information and communication technology. ICT makes sharing data concerning medical research easy, in addition to myriad other benefits as elucidated in the paragraphs below. Read more of this >>

HHS Allots $200M for Health Professions Training

HHS Allots $200M for Health Professions Training 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote

$200m for Health Professional Training allocated by HHS
It is estimated that close to 8,000 health care professionals and medical students will get financial assistance to go on with their training by the end of year 2010. HHS-Health and Human Service- announced through a press release that the agency will devote $ 200 million for loan repayment, grants and scholarships in a bid to improve and expand professional health care. Health is important and the medical experts need to be trained in a good environment which has the appropriate medical tools and equipments. It is important to have trained medical experts that will always be well equipped to solve different types of emergencies coming their way.

These funds are part of the $500 million which was given to HHS administration and was directed to address the work force shortage that was being faced all over the nation. The act was basically put in place in order to provide the citizens with proper health care despite their financial situation. Many patients back away from hospitals because they think they are expensive and the medics are not properly trained. Those program also aims to get the medics trained and be circulated all over the country. Read more of this >>