Programs help Doctors Tackle Prescription Abuse

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FDA drug abuse and enlightening program
On Apr. 19, 2011, the representatives from FDA, the department of health in the US, introduced the president’s plan for President Obama’s plan for restricting the prescription drugs in a bid to respond to the Americas drug abuse catastrophe. Its main aim is to control the manner in which the drugs are used and supplied. There needs to be a body put in place to effectively monitor the situation. Other methods used will include educating the citizens on drug abuse and related cases and provide an environment where drug abusers will be given the necessary treatment and care without being discriminated. It also aims to notify people on the use of medicinal drugs and the effects some have on the body. The president notes it is everyone’s right to have access to god medical facilities regardless of their financial background or wherever they are located. Read more of this >>

Pharmacy Stakeholder Groups Collaborate to Draft Pharmacy Principles for Health Care Reform

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The pharmaceutical stake holders’ reform
While the latest administration fully embarks on its top most priority which is to reform the country’s health care system, some pharmacy groups have agreed to work together in order to establish a reform program known as the Pharmacy Principles for the Health Care Reform. It is planning a press release to inform the people of the latest collaboration. Healthcare is a sensitive matter and it should be taken seriously since it affects all the citizens. Read more of this >>