Proposed Government Insurance would cover Abortions

Health care legislation would now allow abortions to be covered under a new government sponsored insurance plan. This decision is definitely going to affect millions of citizens and remodel the national policy on this conflict ridden issue.

As on date federal funds are restricted to some pitiful cases involving rape, incest or threat to the life of the mother. People opposing the bill believe that these restrictions should be part of standard private insurance cover. Activists on the other hand, believe that millions of women would now be denied the privilege of abortion through workplace insurance, once the bill comes into effect. Advocates on both sides of the table are head banging over the prospects of this proposed bill and are concerned about the following political repercussions.

The church feels that health insurance is a birthright for all, but should not be a vehicle for mandating abortion. No wonder, the high nosed church isn’t willing to accept the proposed bill and actually is against it. Douglas Johnson, legislative director for National Right to Life feels that the plan is deceiving and pretentious because it pays for the abortion, but the government subsidizes the plan.

Things are not being easily accepted!
Concerned authorities, including the one that wrote the plan are trying to accommodate both sides of the table. They are even trying to bring an amendment that would allow plans to cover no abortions at all – not even in the pitiful cases of rape, incest or to prevent the mother from dying.

The commoners however feel that the church is being a bit too nosy in giving their opinion about the debated issue; they feel that health plans should support abortion rights. Republican senators however do not support the proposed amendments made by the Capp.

There’s an amendment called Hyde amendment that applies restrictions to Medicaid and according to this amendment abortion cover for low income women should be covered by the patients themselves. There are restrictions to the federal employee health plan and military and other programs.

There are several restrictions and these would get waived off by the new proposed bill.

What it means?
The new national finances would take the shape of financial assistance for low- and middle-income citizens buying treatment through the health insurance exchange. Subsidies would be obtainable for people to buy the community plan or personal coverage. Making things more complex, the national financial support would be mixed in with aid from persons and company. Sooner or later, most Americans could end up receiving their treatment through the exchange.
The Democratic health care legislation as initially brought in the House and Senate did not talk about abortion. That rang fear bells for abortion adversaries.
Since abortion is an officially permitted medical practice, specialists on both sides say not talking about it would allow fitness care plans in the new cover exchange to provide unhindered coverage.

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