Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Inflammatory Breast Cancer
Breast cancer is one of the common cancer diseases which is rapidly affecting many people from all parts of the world. The Inflammatory Breast cancer has not received the attention and many people are suffering because this negligence. The disease is a also not well researched and there are cases of misdiagnosing and administering the wrong types of drugs. It is high time for the medical experts to come up with effective treatment ways that will see people, suffering form the Inflammatory Breast Cancer get the much needed attention. There is little money that has been put aside to see the research of the disease but up to date, no report has been made public about his issue.

Although it is very rare disease, many doctors tend to ignore the signs and symptoms a patient is suffering and gives drugs of other different medical conditions. There needs to be a body setup to see that proper research and medical equipments are put in lace to assist people with inflammatory breast cancer. It is a type of cancer and the people suffering from it fear going through the chemotherapy process and fear they will die instantly. The people suffering also do not have the courage to face other people and address the issue. In some societies, it is seen like a curse and those with it tend to suffer alone in pain. It has been claimed to be one of the worst forms of cancer one could suffer from. Those with it think they will die soon and they will need people to give them courage to go through this rough time. Those with the correct medical facilities and finance have been able to successfully overcome this disease.
IBC research foundation

The IBC research foundation was set up in 1999 in a bid to conduct research and give the much needed support to all those suffering from this disease. It also creates awareness by giving people information about the signs, symptoms and how to get the proper medical treatment. It is gaining a lot of support form the government in for of funds. This foundation is also meant to be the voice of the people who are going through this disease. They need to ask for assistance from the government to come up with solutions and funds to treat those affected. Insurance for this type of disease is vey expensive and the chemotherapy seem to be torture. The foundation has come with sound proof that this disease can be managed effectively once all the parties seem to agree to commit on the medical procedure.

This support group is mainly in honor of the founder who eventually died of this disease. Those in the foundation take it upon themselves to assist all those who are affected and request the government and the medical board fraternity to come up with ways of addressing this issue. Other cancers were not also talked about but people are embracing and are coming out to talk more on them. Cancer should not be seen as a curse since there are some people who have overcome it eventually. It is a must for everyone to go for medical checkups in order to know your medical condition and trigger any from of cancer available at an early stage.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation
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