HHS Allots $200M for Health Professions Training

$200m for Health Professional Training allocated by HHS
It is estimated that close to 8,000 health care professionals and medical students will get financial assistance to go on with their training by the end of year 2010. HHS-Health and Human Service- announced through a press release that the agency will devote $ 200 million for loan repayment, grants and scholarships in a bid to improve and expand professional health care. Health is important and the medical experts need to be trained in a good environment which has the appropriate medical tools and equipments. It is important to have trained medical experts that will always be well equipped to solve different types of emergencies coming their way.

These funds are part of the $500 million which was given to HHS administration and was directed to address the work force shortage that was being faced all over the nation. The act was basically put in place in order to provide the citizens with proper health care despite their financial situation. Many patients back away from hospitals because they think they are expensive and the medics are not properly trained. Those program also aims to get the medics trained and be circulated all over the country.
Medical Scholarship

For health care to be affordable to everyone, special measures need to be put in place and they include well trained individuals, access to the best medical equipments and a constant supply of drugs to be used by the patients. The also focus on improving the equipment purchase sector to improve high quality equipments that will be able to assist in different types of conditions and expand the nursing department all over the country. The most important aim is to achieve the goal of having skilled and qualified doctors who will wok round the clock to meet the patients need. The doctors need to be a large number to treat in different centers all over. There is an acute shortage of doctors and citizens are prescribing their own medicines without consulting the doctors.

Some of the areas the $200 million will cover include :-

  • 80.2 million will be allotted for scholarships, loan repayments to students and the medical faculty. Of this, $9 million will be directed to the nurses, $40 million will be used to assist the disadvantaged children who want to learn and $1.2 million will assist the health professionals who come from poor backgrounds.
  • $47.6 million will be used for training programs and support
  • %50 million will be used for grants to the health professionals training programs
  • $10.5 million will be directed to strengthen the whole health work force and help recruit trained individuals all over the country
  • $10.2 will be directed towards increasing diversity in the health industry.
  • $1.5 million will be channeled to support the professional licensing boards and reduce barriers in telemedicine.
  • The $300 million will be used to expand the health services and provide scholarships and loan repayments for the primary care providers.

These funds will help improve the health sector and channel it to produce more effective services.

HHS Allots $200M for Health Professions Training
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