Pharmacy Stakeholder Groups Collaborate to Draft Pharmacy Principles for Health Care Reform

The pharmaceutical stake holders’ reform
While the latest administration fully embarks on its top most priority which is to reform the country’s health care system, some pharmacy groups have agreed to work together in order to establish a reform program known as the Pharmacy Principles for the Health Care Reform. It is planning a press release to inform the people of the latest collaboration. Healthcare is a sensitive matter and it should be taken seriously since it affects all the citizens.

Pharmacies are known to offer over the counter medicines and they are taking this opportunity to educate the locals on the different drugs and the importance of getting medical tests before taking medicines. They also want to come out clean and inform the people what type if drugs they are using. It is also a crucial matter to educate people on the basic health care programs available and offer referral methods to patients in critical condition.
Pharmacy Stakeholder Groups

The stake holders include a body of groups that have joined hands and some of them include the National Community of the Pharmacists association, the National Alliance which deals with State Pharmacy association among others. These stake holders play a major role into this industry and their participation means a lot in the healthcare department. Doctors and medical practitioners have also joined hands in this exercise and this means that the healthcare department is in the right track. When all the major boards in this industry join hands, it means better medical facilities and the drugs will be equally available and the correct channels used to purchase the drugs. It also ensures that the patients get access to the correct medical supplies because the stake holders get a good source to the medicine.

In the recent past, many pharmaceutical companies used to find their own channels and methods of getting access to drugs and at times, they would lack drugs to give the patients. This also ensures that the healthcare system is on the right track due to the amalgamation of the pharmaceutical board. The pharmaceutical industry has a big part to play in the health sector hence their importance in this exercise. Most hospitals are collaborating with these companies to get drugs and medical equipments at a cheaper and more affordable price. Some of the policies they want to enforce include :-

  • Improving the overall safety use of the medicines
  • To provide quality drugs to all healthcare institutions
  • Ensure patients have the access to medical care whenever needed
  • Educating the locals on medical care and use
  • Incorporating the latest technology to assist where necessary
  • To work with other healthcare experts to ensure better services and access to material and equipments.

This will ensure that people get access to proper medical care and better medical facilities. This will also cut out the cartels that exist to control the prices of drugs at tier own will. This move has been welcomed positively by all the members of the board, medical practitioners, the government and the citizen at large. This move is aimed to improve the healthcare system.

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