FreedomWorks Urges Congress to Oppose Anti-Consumer HealthCare

Freedomworks is a grass roots organization and has more than 750,000 members from all the corners of the nation. This organization is highly disappointed by the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s whose vote today on the Americas Affordable Health Choices Act for the year 2009. The group has termed this move as anti competitive and it highly restricts the competition and consumer choice and changing market for bio-generic drugs. This will in the long run mean that the people dealing with this business will have no form of income because the consumers will chose the bio-generic substitutes. They also claim that the products are not effective for human consumption and will end up bringing more health issues to the county’s population.

The medicines tend to claim that the products will cure a number of diseases like AIDS and different types of cancers. These drugs have not been effectively tested on the markets and they find it unfair to state it will assist to fight all of these disease. Consumers will rush for the products mainly due to the cheap nature they oppose. The group which has a large strong hold is highly opposed to this ac ad want the congress to listen to their cries. They have also invested a lot in terms of research and setting up the businesses only to be overcome by the bio generics which will take over the market once they are introduced. The drugs also claim to offer good remedies for different ailments prompting the consumers to try them out.
Anti-Consumer HealthCare

Some of the medics’ say that the introduction of this drug will increase completion in the market and people will have a wide variety to choose from. The rising costs of living have made people to buy their own medicine from the shops and they will always go for the cheaper option. Many people also want to try out new stuff that has been introduced in to the market and if they work out well for them, they will stick to it completely.

Health care should be taken into much consideration and the types of drugs that are introduced in the market will really go a long way in improving the medical condition of the patients. The country will also nee to put into consideration availability of drugs for its citizens and ensure they are readily accessible at all the times. Most of the people in the group urge the congress to put in mind the needs of the citizens and hope that in the long run they will improve the medical situation in the country. The group hopes that the government will put in place effective measures that will see people are getting access to different types of drugs that will suit their needs. The act will limit people from giving the citizens better healthcare programs and medicine. Some people find it worthwhile to visit a chemist to get their medicine and they really do not know what they are suffering from in the first place.

FreedomWorks Urges Congress to Oppose Anti-Consumer HealthCare
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