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With the evolving technology and on-going digital innovation, an Electronic Medical Record ( EMR ) is good and effective method for the doctors to use. This method has taken many years to be developed by doctors and physicians who have devoted their time to ensure this system works. In this instance, Praxis EMR has been proved to be one of the greatest innovations. Each Praxis version has had a lifespan spinning up to five years. Doctors are not good with documentation but this method has proved to be very effective. This method has effectively been used for the last twenty years and keeps on getting better as the days advance. At the moment the Praxis v5 is the latest, most powerful and intelligent method to use at the moment.

Electronic Medical Records Software

Reporting made easy by Datum engine
The praxis Datum engine allows one to use any language, share and store all the clinical information. One also has the ability of viewing unlimited data and medical query within the free text. It has high tech reporting initiatives and gives the medics the ability to share information with each other fast. It is an easy method for the physicians to refer to information without the use of templates.

Exchanging health information through MedUnity
This method gives the physicians the ability to send and receive information, dockets electronically which is a secure and instant method. It also does this by using a single fax line and this method is available through the 50 states on a monthly basis. It also offers web software services which gives the software developers the use of incorporating the SMREx direct to their applications. It also assists the EMR users to effectively manage their system and find easy ways to retrieve their information.

An easier solution for your charts by the use of Scanaway
The Scanaway is an easier, method for strong and retrieving information. It is able to index share and store all the information in a safe and easy to retrieve manner. You can be able to get access to your patient’s records at any time and at any given location. It has been termed as one of the best methods medical practitioners can use compared to their busy schedule. You can now be able to clear the chart room because the Scanaway keeps all the information you need handy. It works hand in hand with the scanners, faxes and automatic information feeders. It has brought the workflow of the office to be effective, reliable and fast.

Praxis EMR
It gives the users the ability to access the medical information all the time. You will no longer need the IT management or the servers. Purchasing a server and a full IT management team will cost a lot of money and you can be able to effectively use the Praxis EMR which is simple, timely and very affordable.

AMS support, training and implementation
Apart from giving the best software, Praxis offers training, support and software installation. They will also improve your computer systems, security, networks and basic technology training. This is a one stop solution for all the needs concerning technology and information. You deserve to get the best deals and value for your money.

*The above are our sole viewpoint on the EMR Software. It is for information purposes. It DOES NOT means we endorse it in anyway.

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